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The official distance used to measure the throwing line (or the 'Oche'), should be 7 feet 9¼ inches from the dartboard to the throwing line, (237 centimeters). In order to determine if you have mounted the dartboard correctly, digital dart boards measure the distance between the bullseye and the throwing line. If you measure 9 feet 6 inches (293 centimeters), then you are perfect!

As darts tend to bounce off the board, avoid mounting the board near the window or any breakable items. People should not stand near or walk between the throw line and the dart board either.

Do you want to play dart outdoors or wish you could take it to many places both indoors and in the garden? The dartboard stand is something that is born to help you move the game anywhere.

As dartboard rules regarding the appropriate height and distance mentioned above apply to a bristle steel tip dartboard as it’s generally the most common in all darts organizations including the American Darts Organization, the Britsh Darts Organization.

The area directly in front of the assigned dart board, not to exceed either dart board to the left or right of the assigned board, is considered the official "throw area." Up until the time a player has thrown a dart, he/she is allowed to leave the throw area. Once a dart has been thrown, dartboard height and distance a player is not allowed to completely leave the throw area to the rear or the side. Partially stepping on or placing one foot over the back or digital dart boards the side does NOT constitute a foul.

One of the most common dartboards seen through homes across the country, dart board height bristle dartboards require a little hands-on work. All bristle dartboards come with the necessary parts you need to hang the board on your wall. A metal slot will have to be hammered on to your backboard or wall.

Kindness goes a long way. Ask nicely, dartboard measurements beg, or plead to your landlord. They might be willing to make an exception if you don’t poke too many holes in the wall.

Of course, dartboard height you could simply use a rug or soft material to protect your floor. But, size of dart board if you already have a carpet on the floor, you’re already good to go.

When holding the dart with three fingers, the other fingers should be spread away in such a way that they will not touch the fingers used in holding the dart. This is important to allow for a good throw and avoid the other finger interfering with the darting movement.

Adding a dedicated light to shine on the dart board and dart scoreboard is a great added touch which doesn't take a lot of extra time or money if you can do it before the drywall phase.  I put in a standard ceiling can light with a deflector add-on which points the light specifically towards the board.  I gave this light it's own switch with a dimmer.

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