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The Jarvik-7
In 1982, Dr. William Devries implanted the Jarvik-7, the primary machine designed to be a completely permanent substitute coronary heart. The surgical procedure was finished on the College of Utah, and the affected person was Dr. Barney Clark, a dentist from Seattle. Clark lived for 112 days on the heart earlier than succumbing to complications brought on by the device.

"The pyramid's just an attempt to begin a conversation that says perhaps we must be extra conscious about our attention and the way we allocate it. Otherwise, someone else will do it for you," Faris says. "We're all part of this dialogue as a result of we need to form of assist ourselves be mindful, as a result of we're making ourselves unwell."

The Galaxy S III -- Waterproof? It's potential.
Hold on. How can a cellphone be waterproof? That's just marketing buzz, right? Properly, not exactly. Several firms, including one named Liquipel, 부산폰테크 are working on nanocoatings that bond with objects to form a liquid barrier. As a result of the nanocoating is 1,000 times thinner than a human hair, it may possibly coat a device inside and out and prevent water damage without altering efficiency. Sounds crazy, but it really works on materials asfragileastissuepaper. It may work on the Galaxy S III, too, if Samsung's nanocoating associate can handle the demand.

EToys, based in 1997, had every intention of dominating the net toy market. When it went public in May 1999, it raised $166 million [sources: Gentile, German]. The company spent large amounts on advertising and marketing to attempt to compete with retailers corresponding to Toys R Us, Wal-Mart and Amazon. It additionally signed deals with America On-line, Discovery Toys and Gap Inc. to extend its exposure. EToys managed to gain round 2 million prospects and began a successful U.K. branch. The corporate suffered a public relations blow because of a slew of late deliveries for the 1999 vacation season, but did beat Toys R Us's on-line sales. It then laid out $150 million to build new distribution centers in Virginia and California. Regardless of gross sales will increase, eToys was shedding tens of tens of millions of dollars each quarter and had worse than projected revenues in the course of the 2000 vacation season. It had also accumulated $247 million in debt [source: Goldman].

The explanation behind these inaccurate terms? Light. "The yellow main controls the quantity of blue light reaching our eyes," Fairchild says. "A small amount of yellow main removes a small amount of blue gentle from the original white stimulus (e.g. white paper in printing or a white canvas), while a larger amount of yellow removes more blue light. The magenta main controls the quantity of green mild and, lastly, the cyan primary controls the quantity of crimson mild. The subtractive primaries do this by absorbing completely different amounts of pink, green and blue, while the additive primaries simply emit completely different quantities. It's all about controlling the amounts of crimson, inexperienced and blue light."